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Welcome to Moonlit Media

EXCEPTIONAL services for logo Design and website design!

Our award-winning design agency takes immense pride in providing exceptional services for logo design and website design. Our extensive experience spans over two decades in the realm of user experience design, website design, and website development.

Our expertise in user experience design and website development has solidified our position as a leader in the industry. As a client-centric organization, our ultimate goal is to not just meet, but surpass, the expectations of each and every one of our valued clients.

Benefits of working with Moonlit Media llc

Over two decades of website design + Development experience

Our website design professionals are adept at creating visually stunning and highly functional website design projects that captivate your audience and drive tangible results. With a focus on user experience, we aim to make your website an immersive and intuitive platform for your visitors, converting them into loyal customers.

At our design agency, we understand that each project is unique, and that’s why we pride ourselves on our personalized approach. From the moment you reach out to us, we take the time to understand your vision, goals, and target audience for your own personal website design project. By combining your insights with our creative expertise, we deliver tailor-made solutions that resonate with your brand ethos and leave a lasting impact.

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If you’re looking for a partner that shares your passion for success and stands at the forefront of creativity and innovation, look no further. Allow us to transform your brand’s identity and online presence with our award-winning services for logo design and website design. Together, let’s create a digital masterpiece that leaves an enduring impression on your audience. 

Browse our website design packages below or contact us now, and let’s embark on an exhilarating journey of transformation and growth!

frequently asked questions



No. All website design deposits are nonrefundable, as it is our way of securing your spot in our workflow. If you back out of the project, you may leave an empty spot that could have been given to another project. The deposit ensures that all our clients are serious about progressing with their projects.

WordPress isn’t just the blog site you used to hear about 20 years ago. It’s become a fully functioning Content Management System (CMS) that’s easy to use for our clients. But here are a few other awesome reasons we love WordPress:

  1. It’s free and open-source, meaning you don’t have to pay for the platform. It adapts, so as your business grows, your website can grow with you and you won’t have to keep starting over!
  2. It supports numerous media types – images, documents, audio, video.
  3. You can scale up your website with themes and plugins – Need to add eCommerce? Done! Want to start charging for a subscription plan? Easy! Want to add a gallery down the road? We can do that!
  4. You don’t have to be a website genius to manage it! If you have a good host in place, they can watch for website errors, site backups and any suspicious activity. All you’d have to do is update any themes or plugins that aren’t auto-updated and any improvements in SEO if you choose to go that route.
  5. SEO Comes First! Yes, you heard us! WordPress is known for having SEO built into the platform and even generates title tags and mets descriptions for your pages and posts. But there’s also more advanced features with online plugins and tools, which we can discuss if you’re looking for a little extra organic boost.
  6. You have full control of your site – unlike many website builders and other web platforms like Squarespace, Shopify and Wix. Which is also why we don’t work with other platforms.
  7. Since WordPress was born a blogging platform, it’s the best one out there!
  8. Everyone is doing it, so jump off the bridge with them! Well, maybe not off the literal bridge but WordPress has been proven time and time again and a reason why almost 30% of all websites are built with WordPress.
  9. It saves you money! We of course can build any website from the ground up with HTML/CSS but most clients choose not to go that route unless they have a specific need/functionality request. The reason is because homegrown websites start at 4x more in cost and for clients that need something for starting out, WordPress hits all the checkboxes.

Yes, you must have everything ready by the project start date unless you’re having us write your content for you, of course. Failure to do so could result in rescheduling the project to a later date and/or a restart fee. Since we build our wireframes with the best user experience in mind, we use all of your written copy to do that. And if we don’t have it, the project gets stuck. By having things ready, when the project goals are finalized before the project, you and I are working with a clear direction, purpose, and mission.

If you pay your deposit to book your spot but then do not complete your project homework or do not commit to having your content ready to go, you will be bumped to the next available spot and could be required to pay an additional rescheduling fee to re-book your project back in.

Website hosting is a service that allows you to post your website onto the Internet – think of it like the β€œland” or space where your website lives. In many cases, our clients already have a hosting service provider (GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc.) and we can usually use your existing host. However, if you are starting and don’t have a domain or hosting provider we can help get you set up with a Hosting Plan (purchased separately by you). But this is something we go over before your website goes live so don’t worry too much right now!

We can! For hosting, you can use your existing host or purchase a Managed WordPress hosting plan (we always recommend the Ultimate Plan) separately – we will also go through this process when you are ready to launch your site. Visit https://www.moonlit.media/products/wordpress for more information and pricing.

For domains, you will need to purchase your own domain name and provide me with the permissions to access the account (if you do not purchase your domain through our reseller portal). You can browse and register your domain name at https://www.moonlit.media/products/domain-registration

Moonlit Media, LLC is a reseller for GoDaddy services and is not responsible for server downtime, software issues, or any other compatibility issue that may arise after the launch of the site from your hosting or domain provider. But most hosts like GoDaddy offer award-winning customer service and can help you all with all of your hosting issues.

For every site package, we can upload up to 5 blog posts. If you need an eCommerce website and we’ve discussed pricing, most websites will come with the first 50 products included (this includes all variations/SKUs). If you want additional blog posts, we offer blog writing services.

Absolutely! While I have designers in charge of the design of your website and the look and feel of the visuals, we also have a group of fantastic content creators if you need help, and will write copy for your entire website! We will work with you to strategize your content around your unique message and offer research and revisions.

Let us know if you want to work this into your package.

If you are local here in Southeast Pennsylvania, Tennessee, or in Phoenix, AZ we can absolutely connect you with one of our photographers. They have their own unique process and can work one-on-one with you to get the perfect photos. Right now, those are the only areas we can connect you with a photographer we love and trust!

We create a website stylesheet that outlines all your assets, colors, and fonts. We then create a full wireframe prototype of the site with only one thing in mind – USER EXPERIENCE! The wireframes are the backbone/process of the website project and focus on details like “How is my content displayed to the end-user in a way that makes sense?”, “What does my navigation look like?”, “What happens when I click where?” From there, we add the visual elements with photos for the mockups. Finally, we build the site completely on our private development servers, go through user testing, and then public development. Learn more about our process here!

Included in all of our website packages is basic SEO set up to optimize your website to the best of my ability. Writing for SEO is not included and is best done by a copywriting professional.

If you require additional, specific, or ongoing SEO services, I would recommend getting in touch with an SEO expert who can give you clear direction and insight on how to optimize your SEO strategy fully.

We can create a custom quote for you whether you need monthly updates run, weekly changes to products and inventory, or just on-the-fly updates! Also included in every custom website package is 1.5 hours of training (via Zoom) to go over your site and how to edit it. A Help Guide PDF is also included in that package.

Payments are broken into three parts. There is a 34% non-refundable deposit that needs to be paid upfront in order to secure your booking, the next 33% at the start of the visual mockups, and the final 33% that can be paid on the end date OR when the project is complete (whichever comes first).

Each website design package timeline has been thoughtfully created to give us enough time to do our research, create the perfect user experience, build a visually attractive website, and for us to go through the testing and migration. However, there are some circumstances in which your site may be able to be turned around quickly if the situation allows. If you need a rush project, please let me know well in advance so I can create a custom quote based on your requirements and a rush fee may be added depending on the deadline and complexity of the site.