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We’ve wrangled up some of our most frequently asked questions about our creative process and services. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Email us design@moonlitmedia.com

01. What is your process?

Working with Moonlit Media is a collaborative process. We want our clients involved in every step and we make sure that we are doing everything we can to allow for a successful project.

Our process works like this:

First we will send you our design questionnaire. This helps us better understand your project needs. Then you will receive a link to your client portal, made specifically for you. In the portal, you can access all the links, forms and files you will need throughout the branding design process.

The next step is a collaborative mood board which will serve as inspiration for the overall tone and style of the brand. The mood board includes photos, color palette, logos style inspiration, patterns, textures, illustrations – everything to help convey the overall “look & feel” that we want to convey through your new brand.

Once you’ve had a chance to review the mood board, we ask for approval so that we can then begin our internal brainstorming & sketching to create the logo concepts.


Ask the designer you’re considering hiring if they will be comfortable giving you honest feedback, even if they think your ideas are taking the project down a wrong path. I believe it’s half of my job as a branding specialist to be straightforward with my clients, especially when I am concerned that their feedback or suggestions are negatively affecting the project.

02. How long will it take to receive my logo?

Once a deposit is received you will receive the mood board within 3 business days. Once approved, design concepts will be delivered within 7-10 days. Most logo projects are completed in approximately 2 weeks.

Need things in a hurry? We can also offer a Rush Delivery for your files.

03. What is included in your brand package?

I can’t tell you how many times I have met someone who hired a “professional designer” to create a “brand” for them, but ended up with only a low-res JPEG, which literally can’t be used for anything. I don’t mean to sound like a snob but PLEASE do your research! A true brand package from an experienced, legitimate designer or brand stylist will include the following:

A timeless logo that reflects you and your business, and will appeal to your target market. As a general rule of thumb with logos, less is more. Don’t get too crazy with details, you will have opportunities for that elsewhere within your brand. Your logo must work in black and white as well as in color.

A color palette that you can use both in your online presence as well as your physical space (if you have one.) I recommend staying away from what everyone else in your industry is doing with color because being different will make you stand out. Also, keep in mind that your favorite color might not be the best color for your brand. Remember, you want your brand identity to reflect you, but you also want it to attract your target clients. If your target audience is mostly men, don’t use baby pink.

Additional brand elements or accents, such as patterns, textures, and icons. These elements will work hand in hand with the logo and color palette to further convey your brand’s personality. We always use patterns and textures that have a cohesive look and feel to the logo so that they can be used seamlessly.

Supplemental brand fonts, which should be different from your logo font(s). You will use them on all branded collateral to keep everything consistent. Brand consistency will make you look like a pro who knows what you’re doing. I typically include a font for headers, a font for body copy, and sometimes a script or calligraphy style font to use sparingly for fun accents.


Think about how you can tie your online brand identity to your brick and mortar business or physical space. They should feel like one and the same. Don’t forget about icons; they are great for Instagram story highlight covers.

04. What if I want to add on additional deliverables later?

You can add on business cards, social media graphics, etc. whenever you’d like! Since we have to complete the logo first we wouldn’t start any additional marketing materials until after the logo project is completed. SO whether you want to print and designs cards now, or come back to us later on, we’d love the opportunity to completely round out your brand identity.

When considering business cards, you should keep in mind if you have your domain and email address set up first. Business cards should include the following:

Your first & last name
Your job title
Your business location or mailing address (unless you have an online-only business)
Your contact info, including phone number & email address
Your social media handle(s) and hashtag(s) so clients can follow and interact with you on Instagram and whatever other social platforms you are using to promote your business

05. What’s the difference between a “standard” and “detailed” logo?

A standard logo is a logo that is an icon, text and tagline (if necessary). A detailed logo is really just a standard logo with more detail added. Detailed logos take more time because of the added details/illustration so they tend to cost more.

Not sure if you need a detailed logo? Here are some examples:

06. This seems a bit pricey. What’s the deal with that?

Our designers are more than passionate about their job. With over 20 years experience I’m confident we will design a logo that fits you and your company. We’re very competitive with our pricing and offer only the highest quality work with over 200 deliverable files, copyright transfer and single-page style guide.

07. But what if I don’t like the concepts you provide?

Luckily, that’s not something that happens often! If you are not happy with any of the designs we provide you have the ability to purchase additional hours for the creation of new concepts. This is a rare occurrence because there’s always something we can work off of from the original designs we provide. We promise you will love the final logo we are able to provide!

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